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"The program changes your whole perspective, so you see life in a very enlightened way, a very different way, and a very powerful way. It lets you see it in a way that enables you to take control of your life, rather than life controlling you." - Eric, Home Builder
"It has changed my life so much in such a positive way, and in so many other areas of my life. For someone who has the opportunity to do it and doesn't take that opportunity, you're truly missing out, you are."
- Maya, HR
"It changed the way that I thought at the most root level. It changed the way that I behaved at the most root level. I can’t explain it, but it’s just, it changed me, and it changed the way that I see the world, that I see people, that I see situations, and it really took me from living an average life, to living an extraordinary life."
- Rahim, CEO
"Every aspect of my life has changed. I sleep better, I have better relationships with my kids, the marriage between my husband and I is fantastic, I think it’s the best we have ever, ever been. It’s like being back in love when we first met." - Nina, Mom
"ThroughConversation has impacted every little part of my life. I was hoping for some contentment and really, I have a lot of happiness. And I don’t know any other place I could have got this. It’s been far beyond my expectations and I’m very, very happy with it." - Harold, Medical Doctor
"Jean-Paul and the program made the difference and helped me get a dream back – being happy. I found a sense of self-acceptance and happiness I’ve never known. I’m eternally grateful, Jean-Paul, I thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Bev, Business Executive
"Probably the most impressive part of this work would be the way that you… without realizing it, you become a different person. But you become a better person. You become the person who you know you really naturally are, rather than tied down with life. So you end up with a different perspective on the same things. Different reactions to the same things, just naturally. And that’s incredibly powerful. And incredibly positive. " - Andrew, Principal
"Before I spent a lot of time ruminating, I spent a lot of time in my head. I felt there was something spirit wise missing and just something emotionally missing. I was looking for a life where my mind would be peaceful, and it wasn’t constantly going, and that’s what I’m finding that it’s doing. I also have a life now that I wake up in the morning and it’s almost like the birds are constantly chirping, like joy and happiness, constantly." - Simone
"The best way to describe the Through Conversation program is that you met up with Jean Paul, you guys talked, you laughed, you ended up thinking different, feeling different, and then you notice yourself acting different and then you grow from that. And then you meet up again, and then you talk and you laugh and you experience massive growth again and you’re just noticing these new things about yourself. And then you can do this over and over and over, and then - “boom”, you just sort of light up, you’re ‘lit’. And that is kind of the program, and you just can’t go back the way that you were, it is just impossible, you’re just this new person." - Kid, Radio Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur
"I think my biggest achievement that surprised me, that I wasn’t expecting, was this freedom in myself. I feel I came in for answers and resolving issues but I think the biggest achievement was just getting back to being myself again, trusting myself and feeling empowered. I think that emotional freedom was by far the most transformative and the most affecting to every aspect of my life. It transformed my relationships, my work, my colleague interaction, my patient interaction. It gave me the lease on life that I wanted, and the motivation to create exactly what I want, and become exactly who I want." - Rennata, Health Care Practitioner 
"It's impossible to describe the program, it really is. You just show up and commit and within a relatively short period time in your life you've changed completely, in a good way.
You know, it's interesting, it's more of you come in as one person and you leave being more yourself than you've ever been."
- Bart, Entrepreneur 
"I'm more focused than I ever have been, more so than I ever knew that I could be. I'm not stressed at all anymore where I was before, I think I'm way more inspiring and fun to work with. I have a drive that I haven't had probably before, I was very driven before but not like I am now, I'm very, very driven and focused and I don't have the stress. It's not a stressful focus, it's not a stressful drive, it's like I know exactly where I'm going and how I'm doing it. And I'm excited for the journey."
- Shanelle, President and CEO
"This program works, it delivers results. From the first session, things started to improve – confidence, emotional stability, etc. By the end of the program, things keep getting better. Thank you Jean-Paul and Olga for a fantastic journey." - Carla, Project Manager
"[Before I came here] I didn’t really like myself, I was stressed… Now I can see a smile on my face every single day and I can feel it… 
[This program] is really a miracle, it just works…" 
- Cindy, CPA
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